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Along the entire process chain

Direct, targeted and closely networked – these parameters are fundamental and thus form a much-valued basis for our external communication with customers and partners, and equally for our internal flow of knowledge and exchange of information between our employees as a team. It enables each and every one to jointly contribute to a successful process.


Targeted individuality

Different approaches to different goals – a systematic and continuous process is crucial for obtaining the required high-quality and error-free product at the end.

But which approach, which process is correct? The world of plastics is complex. There are countless materials, special processes, connection and assembly options, and different forms of surface finishing. Our task is to find the best possible and individually adapted approach, together with you and for you from the outset, to successfully achieve your product. Building on our many years of experience, we provide you with comprehensive advice on material selection and tool technologies to finishing and assembly processes. We always keep an eye on a healthy relationship between cost and benefits.

Component design to suit the plastic

Detailed from the outset

The demands placed on plastic components and assemblies are complex and varied. These are details that decide whether your product can be produced cost-effectively and safely for your process.

As your partner, we keep an eye on precisely these details at all times and support you with our knowledge and expertise during the design phase. Ultimately it is crucial to ensure from the very start of product development that the geometry of the product can be achieved with the plastic. Where is it essential to prevent material accumulation or differences of wall thickness? How can domes be ideally designed? Which contour subsequently enables the best welding results? How can undercuts be avoided to save tool costs? We have compiled a list of the answers needed to all these detailed questions.

Mould-making services

The fundamentals of injection moulding production

Injection moulding enables the highly efficient production of plastic moulded parts. An efficient and high-performance injection mould forms the very heart of reliable and quality-assured series production.

The standards we place on this central component are therefore correspondingly exacting. It is essential that we never make compromises at the design and construction phase of the tool. Rheological calculations are generally indispensable specifically with complex geometries. We use injection moulding simulations to obtain key information about the filling and distortion behaviour of the parts and about the optimum position of injection points or ventilation ducts. This enables us to detect and rectify errors or weak points at an early stage even before the first cut is made in toolmaking. This helps to reduce change loops and save money. In addition to our own toolmaking department, we also have a reliable network of cooperation partners, acquired over many years for the subsequent construction phase. All tools are always produced to KTS in-house specifications, requirements and quality standards.

Approval process

Certified reliability

Your product undergoes a multi-stage approval process before we produce it in series. This enables us to reliably ensure that all product requirements are undoubtedly met and that the item can be produced reproducibly and stable in the long term.

Preliminary and zero series are initially produced depending on the customer's demands and product requirements. These serve as a basis for the production of all paperwork, parameters and documents needed for a stable and reproducible process – starting with initial sample inspection reports, packaging plans and test instructions to the handover of sealed approval samples. Our quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 also guarantees the end-to-end traceability of the finished articles back to the material batch used.We can provide you with the following services for the approval process:

  • Initial sample inspection reports (EMPB) in line with VDA
  • Production Part Approval Processes PPAP
  • Measurement System Analysis MSA
  • Process capability analysis (cpk)

Injection-moulding component production

Modern and high-performance

We use state-of-the-art production lines for the series production of your products – i.e. injection moulding machines and the corresponding handling technologies, from central material preparation and feed-in system to 6-axis robots.

Our hydraulic and fully electric injection moulding machines cover a locking force range of 15 to 500 tonnes, enabling production with moulds with an edge length of just under 1,000 mm. The part weights we are able to produce range from less than 1 gramme to over 3,000 grammes. The selection of plastics we use and process extends from mass-market plastics (PE, PP) to all technical plastics (e.g. ABS, PC, PA6 / PA66, POM, PBT) and high-performance plastics (e.g. PPS, PAA, LCP, PEI) as well as highly filled materials. All common thermoplastic elastomers (abbreviated to TPEs) can also be used. Apart from standard injection moulding, we also have the option in-house of relying on special processes, depending on the application:

  • Multi-component injection moulding
  • Gas-assisted injection moulding
  • Injection compression moulding
  • Insert technologies

Our technically adept and highly qualified employees perform all this in a continuous 3-shift operation.

Unit manufacture through assembly and finishing processes

Quality impression and firm hold

Alongside the production of individual injection moulded components, we also produce made-to-measure complete assemblies, including assembly stages, welding and bonding processes or customised surface finishing.

We can also support our customers with more complex requirements, for instance relating to the connection technology, if required, right through to the turnkey automation solution, which we provide in close consultation with you and proven external partners. Does your product require a fully automated assembly line or unmanned feeding of parts into packaging trays? Does your housing assembly need to be EMC-coated? Once again here, we are the right contact to plan, coordinate and monitor all the necessary work stages. Our services at a glance:

  • Hot embossing
  • Pad printing
  • Lacquering
  • EMC-coating
  • Laser / Ultrasonic welding
  • Bonding and assembly processes
  • Packaging / Logistics