Without people

No technology

Our employees are our most important asset.

We're there for you

Their knowledge, skills, functionality standards, innovation and quality in day-to-day work form the foundation of our work, our developments and products. An openness to pioneering technologies, creative cooperation between departments, responsible conduct and a partnership-based corporate culture are the basis for the success of our customers and our company.

Customer – Team – Networking

What does the customer mean to us?

Your need is our driving force, your requirements are the stimulation and catalyst for our work. The success of your end products also determines our success.
We are aware of this fact at all times. Therefore as your qualified supplier in a (business) world of continually advancing division of labour and specialisation, we rely on partnership-based cooperation with end-to-end supervision in integrated process chains in plastics engineering.

We're there for our customers

As a team, we guarantee to meet all your expectations from an innovative and forward-looking and stable supplier. Conscious of our responsibility and with high standards relating to ourselves and our products alike, we ensure that you receive your required product from us on schedule, with the expected quality and at a realistic market price. In doing so, we consciously and sustainably pay attention to safe and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Benefiting together

There is trusting and cooperative collaboration with our customers at all stages along the process chain – from the initial concept idea along the value creation chain to quality assurance and logistics. Our experienced Key Account Managers and Project Managers have an eye on the success of the joint project at all times, act as the interface to all the departments involved and supervise the entire process as your professional contact. Ongoing productive discussion concerning your requests and specific problems is the sought-after constructive basis for finding solutions to achieve joint success. That also means being able to learn from each other and establish ourselves in an international competitive environment by implementing forward-looking processes.