Your innovative manufacturing specialist for

complex plastic components and assemblies

A high level of product innovation and outstanding in-house standards of material and technological expertise represent the basis for the error-free implementation of highly precise production chains. However, complexity requires end-to-end supervision and support, which we guarantee to our customers from the development of the initial idea to the realisation of the product and subsequent quality control.

Complex product focus


Whether highly precise functional components or design-orientated housing system – we produce your products along a continuous process chain from the first initial conceptual idea to the finished assembly. We provide targeted support in the selection of the optimum production technology and most appropriate materials, the most suitable plastic for the design of the injection-moulded parts and their structural realisation in toolmaking and in the production of complex assemblies and laser welding of plastics.

Surface technology and finishing


Labels, coatings, decorations, connections – we have acquired diverse and varied manufacturing skills in the production of high-quality, design-orientated housing assemblies. This enables us to create individual plastic housings with high-quality finishes, combined with decorative and functional labels, as well as hybrids combined with metal components or ultrasonically welded with additional plastic components.
Our possibilities, your individuality.

Series production Plastic injection moulding


Our customers’ complex products are produced by state-of-the-art production machines, the associated automation solutions and our flexible assembly cells to produce the most diverse finishing technologies. Innovative design, time-optimised and reliably produced. Continuous supervision by our qualified team for order management and production guarantees on-schedule processing coupled with the highest possible quality standards.

Material expertise – Material substitution


Plastic is the material of the 21st century! This approach enables us to utilise the properties of these innovative materials for your benefit. The performance of polymers is constantly being improved through reinforcing substances, additives or new blend combinations.
Working Temperatures: from -200 °C to +300 °C! A tensile modulus of elasticity of 30,000 MPa! Electrical properties from isolating to conductive! Exceptional chemical resistance! Inherently good sliding properties! Fire protection class up to 5 VA in line with UL 94! All this is possible, as plastics can do significantly more than has been assumed to date. We understand their useful properties and utilise them in a targeted manner for your products. Whether highly rigid pressure tanks, thermally exposed holding devices or wheel tyre systems – a wealth of in-house development projects demonstrate that steel or aluminium is not always needed. We develop individual concepts together with you. We then use these to optimise your assemblies in terms of functionality, design and cost by using the most appropriate plastics.

Uncompromising quality management


Quality deserves respect. As a company established for many years, zero-defect tolerance is one of our fundamental principles. We therefore uphold and appreciate a sophisticated quality management system as the step that completes the entire process workflow and thus leads to success. Delivery of fully quality-compliant plastic components is anything but a matter of course. Assessment of the aesthetic features of high-quality surfaces requires a great deal of experience and precise coordination with the customer with regard to his requirements and needs. We make use of a system of continuous process monitoring and, even as early as the development process, start with the analysis and implementation of preventative measures. Our processes are regularly inspected by ISO 9001:2015 certification and also by our customers' audits.
From failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to quality documentation for outgoing goods – we deliver the highest level of quality.

Technological expertise


Ongoing technological development and the constant search for optimisation is both a claim and basis in equal measure. A constant exchange of knowledge is indispensable in this, which is why we constantly rely on close and trusting cooperation with innovation and research institutions. Our broad-based network of partners enables us to find the best technological solutions for your challenging problems – whether the improvement of proven processes or the implementation of new processes in our production workflow. Our experienced Key Account Managers and Project Managers are your direct contacts for this with their comprehensive knowledge base - from the initial enquiry to the handover of the project to series production. Direct, straightforward communication channels, short response times and trustworthy conduct, both with our customers and within our entire team, are indispensable cornerstones for us.