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Synergies in our

Competence network

KTS Kunststoff Technik Schmölln GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AdCapital AG, an industrial holding company focussing on electrical engineering, metal and plastic processing, machine and toolmaking and automotive as its core industries.

A high-performance association

All the holding companies are predominantly mid-sized, have the potential for growth and are economically successful and forward-looking. Sustainable and long-term success of the subsidiaries is the focus of all the holding company's operations.

Close and trusting cooperation with the associated companies presents important opportunities and synergies for KTS and its customers. After all, this offers a wealth of varied possibilities for accessing the most diverse expertise along the value creation chain and thus supplementing our own manufacturing capabilities, where needed.


BDT Bavaria Digital Technik GmbH

Equipment and plant construction, electrical engineering

Bavaria Digital Technik GmbH (BDT GmbH), based in Pfronten in the Allgäu region, operates in two business sectors: as a system supplier for the printing machine industry and as a supplier for electronic manufacturing services (EMS). In doing so, the company relies on expertise in electronics, electromechanics and software, combining this with a high level of qualitative implementation capability.



Erich Jaeger GmbH & Co. KG


Erich Jaeger GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiaries is one of the internationally leading producers of electrical connectors for the automotive industry. Its main focus is on plug-in connectors for the electrical connection of tractor vehicles to trailers. For decades, Jaeger has been a development supplier to the producers of cars, commercial vehicles, military vehicles and agricultural machinery. Its customers receive extremely stable products to cope with the most adverse environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and resistance to immersion in water up to several metres deep.



FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlagenbau GmbH

Electrical engineering

The name FRAKO is synonymous worldwide with expertise and technological leadership in  blind current compensation, power quality system solutions and energy management systems. Under its slogan "Safe made-to-measure energy solutions" the company delivers power capacitors, reaction power compensation systems, active and passive mains power filters and management systems for  recording, documenting, analysing, calculating and visualising energy consumption with electricity gas, water, compressed air and steam.



KTS Kunststoff Technik Schmölln GmbH

Plastic processing

KTS Kunststoff Technik Schmölln GmbH is a partner to its customers from the initial product idea through to the actual assembly. As a system supplier, the company offers knowledge and expertise throughout all phases of a project from development to tool/mould-making, injection moulding to assembly and finishing. Using high-grade CNC technology and experienced employees, the company produces the most complex injection-moulding forms with an edge length of up to 800 mm in its own toolmaking and mould-making department.



OPUS Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Mould and toolmaking

OPUS Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG operates as a professional industrial partner, particularly in the automotive supply industry and represents a global leading system partner to its customers in the field of sealing systems. The company develops and produces high-quality injection moulding and vulcanisation tools, although its technical core expertise lies in the production of moulds with which elastomeric materials, such as EPDM and TPE, are processed to form products for vehicle seals.



Taller GmbH

Electrical engineering

Taller GmbH is one of the leading producers of plug inserts and connectors for the electronics industry. The company is the market leader in Europe and one of the largest producers of plug inserts worldwide. With a history and experience going back over 30 years, the corporate group has a vast knowledge and expertise in the development, design and production of technically sophisticated plastic and metal connections. Taller GmbH combines this tradition with market-leading innovations, which set new benchmarks for the entire plug insert sector.